Curb Appeal That Counts

In the wonderful world of real estate, it’s more than just what’s on the inside that counts. Whenever you’re renovating and selling a home, pay attention to the outside too. You want the exterior of the property to welcome buyers in. Here are our 10 quick tips to up that curb appeal:

1. House Numbers 

People should be able to easily read the house numbers while driving by. Make sure the house and the numbers’ design style well together.

2. Planters 

Add some life and color to the exterior entryway by adding planters (AKA window boxes). Be mindful of the planters’ size and symmetry. When installed correctly, the planters can really draw the eye in.

3. Decorative Trellis

Adding a trellis with climbing plants is a unique and beautiful way to add greenery to a bare wall.

4. Light Fixtures

Brighten up the exterior by replacing old light fixtures—a simple tweak that makes a huge difference. Be mindful of the size and style of the lights, and ensure it integrates well with the rest of the exterior.

5. Walkways

If any of the walkways look worn down or hazardous, give them a little TLC. If just looking to add a creative touch beyond your concrete walkway, bricks and stones paths are the way to go.

6. Window Shutters

Window shutters look amazing on the inside and out. Not only do they add a sophisticated touch from the outside, but they help control light and privacy for those inside. If the shutters go well with the style of your home, consider installing them—just be sure they’re the right size for your windows.

7. Mailbox

Replace your standard mailbox with a cute and decorative mailbox that is cohesive with the style of your house, and your neighborhood.

8. Doormat

There is a wide selection of doormats out there that can help add character to your home, and make potential buyers feel more welcome before they even walk through the door.

9. Paint

Although painting your house can be expensive and even time-consuming, it will be worth it. Painting the exterior (incl. siding, trim, garage and front door) can bring your home back to life, looking renewed and appealing to potential buyers.

10. Landscape

Plant some flowers, shrubs, or trees to bring your front yard to the next level. It will add some life and color to your home, and stand out amongst the other yards on your block.

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