Selling your fix and flip for your predicted After Repair Value (ARV) price or higher is often the difference between a fair project or a great project. The first impression a buyer receives for the home is the most important factor when they are starting to make their buying decision and impactful landscaping is the best way to create an amazing curb appeal.

Why is a First Impression Important For a Fix and Flip Sale?

Buyers can see on Zillow, or any other public real estate forum that a property is a fix and flip and has been recently renovated. All they need to do is check out the public records given. Look to see if the property was purchased within the last 6 months, and the price the seller paid. Buyers are naturally skeptical about quality and price in these situations. They wonder whether the “flipper” just added new paint and carpet and doubled the price or replaced shingles instead of replacing the entire roof. So, when the potential buyers get out of their car, their first impression of the property starts with the walk to the front door. There are some easy and inexpensive landscaping solutions that can be done to create a positive WOW! factor that will separate your home from the competition.

Manicured lawn and exterior finishes on a beautiful home. Tips for a Simple Landscape Update:

  • Overgrown bushes in front of a house can seldom be cut back to look natural. This is especially true of Juniper bushes that can quickly grow out of control. It is better to bite the bullet, take them out completely,  replacing them with inexpensive bushes such as golden privets, burning bushes, dwarf lilacs or dwarf pines that are similar in size and color.
  • This past summer, mulch of all colors was on sale for about three dollars per bag. One bag can easily cover ten square feet, so for a minimal cost you can make a neglected flower bed or planter look fresh and new. Landscape edging has also become cheaper and adds a great touch of professionalism. Wait until the very end of your project to do the mulch and edging so that nothing gets damaged and the mulch color is the best when you list your property.

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  • Trim the trees! Everyone loves trees on their property for the shade they provide and for how they frame a home. For minimal cost, trees can be trimmed back to give a manicured look and feel.
  • Buyers look for a deep green lawn just like on the Scott’s fertilizer commercials. The first thing we do when we purchase a home is address the yard. This means setting up a watering schedule and getting fertilizer on the grass if applicable. If the yard has been neglected (as most are), we’ll put down grass seed and a layer of topsoil. Take advantage of the two months or more it will take to renovate the property to let the yard come in and look great!

Not Considered Landscaping, But They Should Be.

For our experts, these are some items we consider along with our landscaping that are not technically considered landscaping.

White door to a classic, white, family home in daytime. The door has intricate, etched, glass detail.

  • If your house has a light post by the curb, make sure it is in good shape and working. A single three dollar can of black spray paint goes a long way to making the posts look new. Also, be sure to clean the glass in the fixture and remove the spider webs and dead bugs that have accumulated over the years.
  • Front door light fixtures wear quickly because of the elements and bugs that get attracted to them at night. Spend $25 and add a new outdoor light fixture to compliment your landscaping.
  • Mailboxes get overlooked frequently. New mailboxes have become very inexpensive, and they are worth the expense to create a first impression if your property calls for it. You don’t have to go out and spend $500 on an Olde English custom cast mailbox. If your home is older with an antique mail slot, take 5 minutes to polish the old metal and remove any old paint. These can add a ton of character to a home.
  • New house numbers are also a big impact item that does not cost much. Unless your home has custom numbers or something from the period, change them out for a fresh look.

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Buyers today are often dual income couples that are short on time and therefore are looking to buy a “New Home in an Old Shell”. Nothing can be more time consuming than landscaping, so you should take the time to do it right and make your flip property look awesome!