A Fixters’ Blog

During our history, we have fixed and flipped hundreds of homes. These properties have ranged from a simple condo remodel that sold for $100,000 to a complete $500,000 remodel of a 75-year-old historic property that sold for over $1,000,000. Along the way, we have had our share of successes and certainly made our share of mistakes. The purpose of Fixters’ Blog is to share our story in the hope that others who are pursuing this business can benefit from our experience. We’ll share what we see in the market, how we evaluate, remodel and sell properties and the oddities we find along the way. Some of the stories you’ll read you just can’t makeup and we hope you find them entertaining. We’ll also share how this business can be done ethically and provide a six-figure income while still being gratifying and fulfilling.

The secret is not knowing what to do, it’s doing it.

What makes us different is we’ll be sharing our stories and our process from the front lines without a sales pitch. We’ll share video when we can and pictures of what we’re talking about. Our goal is to converse as one would do on the front porch of their home. Make no mistake – we operate Fixters, a for-profit system for managing your fix and flip business. But our hope is that if you like what you read in the pages of our blog, you’ll check out our website. There are many successful people in this industry who operate in many different ways.

My Background

After college I spent 13 years as a stockbroker and Branch Manager for Merrill Lynch and UBS in Denver, CO. I soon realized that the clients of these firms that had true wealth almost exclusively made it from their own business or their family business. I did not want to look back one day as a member of the ‘woulda shoulda’ team of folks who never took the plunge so I sold my client book of business, raised some additional capital and bought a chain of retail stores. Retail is a great way to learn how to run a business because of all the details and I was lucky enough to meet some tremendous mentors along the way.

In 2011 I was restructuring the operations of a fast growing human resources company and started investing in fix and flips on the side. When I completed my stint in the HR business, I decided to treat the fix and flip business as a real business and not a side hobby. I created the proper corporate structure and raised additional capital to scale the business.

I welcome your e-mails, you may contact me through the link at the end of each blog. In the same vein as to why chefs and restauranteurs share their signature recipes through cookbooks, the secret is not knowing what to do, it’s doing it. Hopefully, the information we share will kickstart you towards taking your own plunge and becoming extremely successful!

Contact Me with any fix and flip questions you might have.