Durango, CO.

Flipping houses is a personal and sometimes emotional business. There is always a story to tell in a house that is undergoing renovation. I am going to share with you the story of an amazing house flipping find: Aristotle’s Complete and Experienced Midwife book.

This fix and flip find comes from a property that we call Durango in the Denver Metro area. The house was owned by an older gentleman that passed away, leaving his estate to his heirs. Understandably, the family had trouble parting with their patriarch’s lifelong home.

The property itself was not in bad shape, however, it was filled with a variety of household items accumulated by the owner over many years.

Here's the story.

This small book, found in the library, is a 6th edition of Aristotle’s Complete and Experienced Midwife written in England in 1757. Midwives referred to these books when delivering children for advice r on handling childbearing women, infant care, and disease remedies.

The book’s leather cover was bent into a curve from remaining in the back pocket of a midwife’s uniform. No doubt, in use for many years, this book contains notes and advice from an experienced midwife.

Learn more about the emotional side of flipping houses in other Fixters’ Finds like The Statue of Liberty Figurine and the Low Rider. Every renovation and repair uncovers treasures from previous owners. Our team loves to honor them by telling their stories. Do you have a great “find” from one of your fix and flip properties? Email us at [email protected] and we may just share your story on our blog!