One of the most interesting parts of flipping houses is what you uncover beneath the floorboards and behind the drywall. We have flipped hundreds of homes and come across an array of unique memorabilia and old historical artifacts. Each has its own story to tell so we save some of them to keep the memories alive. 

In a small north Denver house, our team was starting the renovation process. As they inspected the foundation, they came across a rusty, old tin can. Most would toss a ragged, old can in the garbage. 

But in the light and upon closer inspection, the team found an old Sheridan beer can from the 1950s. What they thought was a tomato soup can was actually a rare beer can with a story!  

Sheridan Beer Company logoThis beer was once produced by The Sheridan Brewing Company of Sheridan, Wyoming. The company started brewing beer when buffaloes still roamed the plains in 1887.

By the end of Prohibition in the 1930s, the brewery was producing 600 barrels of beer a day. It was also the first company in the United States to bottle its products in a flat-topped can. By 1954, 60,000 barrels a year left the brewery. Shortly after, The Sheridan Brewery stopped its beer operations and focused on soda pop. 

The Sheridan beer can found in the Denver house was just another treasure to be found while renovating an old home. As with all house flips and property remodels… renovations can change the walls, but not the history.

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