Our Denver-based house flipping company acquires over 50 properties a year with the goals of building long-term relationships and cultivating win-win-win situations for all parties involved – the seller, the flipper and the buyer. At Fixters, we work hard to connect with our sellers and remain sensitive to the unique situations they are going through. We see a wide range of homes from hoarding situations to abandoned estates — each with their own treasures. Every property’s story is different. One of my favorite house flipping finds from Denver, CO: A Statue of Liberty Figurine.

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In an industry rife with swindlers looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense, it is important to highlight the positive impact made by fix and flips focused on property restoration. We often see happy sellers when we return their home to its former glory. Their neighbors are usually pretty happy too!

Here’s the story.


For this Fixters’ Find, we go back to the spring of 2015. Our house flipping team in Denver purchased a 2 bedroom/2 1/2 bathroom house from Robert Norwood, 93. Robert is a World War II veteran, living in the Denver Metro area. At 19, he became a Merchant Marine on the Mississippi building wooden guns. He was aboard one of only two boats to survive a German U Boat attack in the English Channel.

In the front window of his home, Robert kept a small figurine of the Statue of Liberty. He told us that he placed it there to show everyone that visited how much he loves America! He proudly presented it to our CEO, Tom Hurford, as a thank you for restoring his home as he moved into the next stage of his life at an assisted living facility.

We continue to cherish the memories that our sellers graciously share with us. It is our top priority to flip with dignity and continue the previous homeowner’s legacy by sharing their stories with others. 

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