Fixters and Next Stage Properties’ Philanthropic Adventures

At Fixters, we believe that giving back to the community should be a high priority goal for all businesses. Above and beyond the obvious contribution to the community, a business can reap rewards in unexpected ways. We experienced this first hand when we partook in our Community Team Build day with H4H on November 29.

“When looking for a local charity, we wanted to choose an organization or event that our whole team could join, building morale, along with an activity that aligned with our business model and message. We are a Fix and Flip software company that speaks construction and improvements all day long so getting out there and getting our hands dirty with Habitat for Humanity was a natural choice!” – Tom Hurford, CEO of Fixters

Our Experience

Our 12 hard working employees stepped out from behind their computers to join the construction crew of a new build site in Southwest Denver. Our experience level ranged from “Do I swing a hammer like this?” to “I’ve built my own home from foundation to roof”. And yet, as you can see in our video, our team worked cohesively, framing and raising walls and installing a firewall between duplex units. One requirement for Habitat for Humanity homeowners is that they contribute 200 hours of sweat equity, the majority of it in the construction of their own home. We all agreed that the most rewarding aspect of the day was working side by side with the future home recipient and hearing her story.

Our company looks to formally partner with Habitat for Humanity and already donates our deconstruct and demolition materials to our local ReStores. Additionally, we urge our Fix and Flip customers to donate in their local region.

Tom Hurford notes,

“The Fixters’ Habitat for Humanity Day was the most gratifying team build event I have ever experienced. The Habitat staff was highly organized and our team felt we made a meaningful difference in the construction of someone’s new home. We will definitely be doing it again.”

If you would like to be involved in a team build or donate time individually, you can sign up here at

Habitat is a Great Fit for Fix and Flippers

As a company, we strive to improve the living situation of our neighborhoods and real estate market. It was great to connect with each other outside of the office, but boy, was I sore! Swinging a hammer all day was hard work, but giving back to such a loving community felt amazing.