Fix and Flip Flooring That Makes Major Impacts on ROI’s.

While walking through a property, one of the first things you will notice is the condition of the floors. More often than not they will need to be replaced or refinished. Floors take the brunt of the wear and tear, and even when a home is only 10 years old, the floors need attention.

Several rooms of a home require a decision to be made about the floor material chosen. Commonly, the decision is between carpet or hardwood. There are several factors to think about for each room.

Living Room:

If a living room is right off of the kitchen, it will probably look best to carry the hardwood or vinyl throughout. But if the living/family room is a second living room on that floor consider carpet. A carpeted living room is more inviting and family friendly.

Formal Living:

The formal living room could go either way. But if the living room is a carpeted relaxed room, consider hardwood for the formal living room. Always keep in mind the flow and balance throughout the main level.

Formal Dining:

Opinions can differ here. But carpet in the formal dining room makes as much sense as carpet in a bathroom. Don’t do it. Yes, it’s a dining room that seldom gets used by most families, but when it comes time to cut the turkey, you wouldn’t want the cranberry sauce to spill on your carpet.


Main level offices or extra bedrooms/living rooms that are transformed into an office can be tricky. A typical office, you may think hardwood, definitely. But if you’re turning a spare bedroom into an office, carpet, may be better. It will allow you to use the space in a multitude of ways if one day the office is in, and maybe the next day it needs to be turned into a nursery or guest bedroom.


We are adding bedrooms in because in many single level or ranch style homes, one or multiple bedrooms exist on the same level as everything else. So do you carry the hardwood throughout? This is similar to our thoughts on a living room. Carpet will of course make the bedrooms more inviting and comfortable. But if everything else on your main floor is a hardwood or vinyl, consider carrying it out. Area rugs will become your new favorite item to shop for.


For stairs, you can do a hardwood or laminate, but almost always you are going to want to lay down a runner. Carpet on stairs gets worn down quick, but hardwood creates a very slippery surface to be running up and down on.

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