There are some old trends that you can make new again or that a few people will find charming. On the other hand, if you aren’t ripping off that popcorn ceiling you might not be selling that house.

We’ve picked the worst trends and characteristics of older homes that you need to dump! Paint them, change them, upgrade them. Don’t let these eyesores hurt your profits on your fix and flip property.


We have nothing against the wood, but rather the stain. The old, orange oak cabinets and floors (we know you know what we’re referring to), simply date the property. You can put granite on top of the cabinets, and put in brand new appliances. But at the end of the day, oak cabinets look dated. A pig is still a pig — even with lipstick on.

We know it’s expensive to replace cabinets and that can take up a large portion of your set renovation budget. Instead, try painting them. A couple hours of effort can turn oak cabinets into modern white cabinets! Another option with oak flooring or cabinets is sanding and staining them. Apply a new stain that looks less like a bad spray tan and richer in tone. Choose a dark espresso or deep, red cherry and voila!

Popcorn Ceilings

Why was this a trend to begin with? The only place popcorn belongs is in a bucket covered in butter. We’re fans of texture as much as the next person, but a pimply ceiling is not attractive. There is no reason to leave a popcorn ceiling untouched.

Removing them is not overly complex but it will take a good amount of time and labor. Do it yourself or hire someone, whatever the budget allows.

Linoleum and Laminate Tile Flooring

Trust us, you can do better than that. These types of floors will be nothing but dirty by the time the home is being flipped. Whether this old material is in the kitchen, laundry room, or elsewhere, upgrade it. Choose hardwood, laminate wood flooring or tile. These materials will depend on budget, location and overall style. New flooring will be sure to please your potential buyers.

Shiny Brass Fixtures

Gold fixtures are gaining popularity amongst the Pinterest crowd. But new gold fixtures do not equal old chipped brass fixtures. In most old or rundown homes flip candidates, fixtures are a detail not to ignore. Cabinet hardware, light fixtures, towel bars, shower door hardware, etc. are all places that will require upgraded fixtures.

Replacing outdated fixtures, especially the brass, with brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or even chrome is the icing on top with potential homebuyers. Each updated finish can change the look of the entire home. If you want a safe choice, err on the side of the brushed nickel.

Vertical Blinds

We can hear them clamoring together now. The vertical blind is probably one of the most annoying window treatments to open and close. It’s time for their retirement.

Plantation shutters, roman shades, or simple drapes can get the same job done while making the homes living spaces look bright and fresh. It is also acceptable to leave a home without window treatments and allow the buyers to make that decision for themselves.  

Jet Tubs

Imagine the dirtiest of germs. Now imagine that covering you while trying to get clean in the tub. Jet tubs have to go! Rip out these behemoths and put in a modern freestanding tub, or build a custom shower with plenty of room for two.

If you’re flipping old homes to make it new again, no homebuyer will look at a jet tub and rush to put in an offer. Bathrooms are always an area that cannot be neglected.

Everyone has his or her own style and opinions about how a home should look. At the end of the day, a home that appeals to the vast majority is the one that you want to design if you’re fixing and flipping properties. New and clean will always trump dated and dirty.  

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