Fixing and flipping a house involves hundreds if not thousands of decisions when it comes to design. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not designing your own home. You are designing a home that you would like to sell fast and make a profit off of. This means your flipped home needs to appeal to the largest amount of buyers as possible. Fixters has simple design tips for flipping houses to help you have the most successful flip yet!

Some designs are timeless and will appeal to 80 percent of the buyers market. These do not include trendy green subway tile or striped wallpaper even though they may look amazing in the magazines. The following six design elements of a home are guaranteed to be loved by almost everyone.

1. Neutral Color Palette

Whites, creams, tans, beiges, and grays need to be your go-to’s. Neutral colors on the walls, floors, and cabinetry keep a home looking timeless. Everyone has a favorite color. If the walls are red, the house will likely only appeal to those who LOVE red. Keep it neutral so that all the potential buyers are able to envision themselves living there. However, when staging a home, accenting with a color or two can be great.

2. Hardwood Floors

Along with a neutral palette, hardwood floors go with everything. The neutral tones are able to complement the rest of the home’s neutral palette. Hardwood floors are also a high-quality material that buyers will appreciate.

3. Large Master Bath

One thing you can bet a buyer will never say is “I wish this master bath had only one sink instead of two”. Double sinks, a tub, a large shower, and a toilet in its own space are great items to add to your checklist when flipping a house.

4. Stone Countertops

Stone countertops like granite, marble, and quartz are all appealing to buyers. Keep in mind, that a natural color stone with a less busy pattern will be the best option.

5. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a natural focal point of a room and are the perfect design element to make any house feel like a home. They can be cleaned up, repainted, and given a new mantel so that they no longer look dated. Stick to neutral colors and simple lines and your flip will have a buyer in no time.

6. Know The Neighborhood

The design tips above are great options for a typical suburban home. However, know the neighborhood that you’re flipping a house in. Hardwood floors and granite may be over designing. The typical home in a more affordable area may have vinyl or tile with laminate countertops. Match your surroundings.

At Fixtersevaluate the property and look at the surrounding comps. Base your flip off of those with similar ARVs. This will ensure your house is on par with the rest of the neighborhood.

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