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Typical house flipping seminars quickly turn from sweet to sour when you are bombarded with fluffy marketing jargon and high-pressure sales tactics. You spend 10, 20 or even 50 thousand dollars to hear how easy flipping is, and at the same time learn that it is not at all what it looks like on TV. You return from the programs feeling scammed and discouraged — like your fix and flip dreams are out of reach.

While house flipping is not as easy as it looks on tv, it is more than possible. It is within your reach! There is a blueprint for successfully flipping houses — one that house flipping beginners, like you, can use to remove the fear and increase the chances of your success.

Before you look for a system, it’s important to understand the real estate and flipping markets and use hard facts and data to show that this is a viable business opportunity.

2018 Market is THE Time to Begin Flipping Houses:

I gathered data from to show you that all arrows are pointing at 2018 being another great year to flip homes in the U.S.1 Current research shows us that market demand for homes is increasing due to an increase in Millennials’ market share. Additionally, other generations continue to actively participate in the housing market. The point is, as a seller, you want to get the lowest rates possible — you want to get cheap money and buy properties before prices rise.

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Get Started. Act Now!

  • Educate: Before you dive headfirst into flipping, educate yourself on what you need to succeed. A great alternative to spending tens of thousands of dollars is online learning. Fixters Academy is an affordable, no-fluff online learning that walks you through the process step-by-step. Think of it as “Flipping 101”. Additionally, our experienced flipping coaches are here for you, 24/7, to ensure your success throughout not only your first flip, but all others to come.
  • Evaluate: Learn how to get funding for your first flip through our partners, get connected with a real estate agent to find your first property, and learn how to evaluate a potential flip.
  • Execute: Use tools, shaped from hundreds of flips with an average profit of $41K per property, to account for every step of the fix and flip process. Track your progress, create highly accurate scopes of work and plan for a successful sale. We’ll make sure your first project stay organized, on budget and on time.

The current housing market is prime for starting your own flipping business. Learn more about how to start flipping today! 


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