Investing in real estate is both rewarding and challenging. Our education programs provides you current and relevant instruction on creating, financing, managing, and profiting from your fix and flip business.


I am NEW to
real estate investing
house flipping

Learning the fundamentals is crucial. With so much inconsistant information floating around, it is not easy to take that first step by yourself.

Our Education Academy caters to first time investors who are looking for help to get their investing and business started the right way.

I am a NOVICE,
but I am already
house flipping

Going it alone flipping houses can be hard work, and learning by trial and error can be slow and expensive. TV shows are not a good guide.

Our Education Academy enables you to learn new skills and implement them immediately to your success and profit


  • We believe that YOUR success is paramount. We are here to help you unleash your potential, achieve your dreams and reach your goals; personally and professionally.
  • We believe in offering our Live and Online Education Academy at a fair and affordable price.
    There is no bait and switch and no hidden fees.
  • We DO NOT believe that it is fair to trick people into paying large sums of money, up to $60K for so called, “Guru House Flipping Courses” only to be left broke and with no money to invest.
  • We are current house flippers with real life experiences to help you pursue your dreams.
  • We believe in hard work, honesty and integrity. This is not and will never be a get rich quick scheme! That doesn’t exist. Our Process Works!


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By using cutting edge technology, we are to give you live expert training from the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere.

The 6 Modules have been designed specifically to teach you how to successfully start and grow your real estate investing business. Mistakes can be costly and detrimental to your sucess. Let Fixters be your guide.

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Set and Achieve Your House Flippingand Real Estate Investing Goals

Create and align your personal goals with a house flipping business plan that is realistic and designed for your unique situation. You will learn how to create your business the right way from the beginning to help you achieve your personal and financial objectives.


How to Fund Your Real Estate Investment

Getting funding is essential and one of the first steps to getting your business off the ground. You need money to operate your business and purchase your first property. We will show you 7 proven ways to find money and get access to 100% financing.


Find Fix and Flip Opportunities and Utilizing Property Sources

As you start your fix and flip business, building strong relationships with trustworthy and knowledgeable property sources is critical to your success and your ability to grow in the future. In this course, we will reveal our proprietary system for quickly finding properties and teach you how to utilize all property sources available to you.


Evaluate, Offer and Purchase Your Deal and Learn to Utilize The Fixters Software

Ready to evaluate a potential fix and flip property? As you begin, there are several critical elements to consider to ensure you make a wise and informed offer to purchase. In this course, you will learn how to use the proper evaluation tools, what property characteristics to look for and the warning signs of properties to avoid.


Build Your Team and Mange Your Project Effectively and Efficently

Building a solid team, including a general contractor, realtor, project manager and others is critical to managing your house flipping project. We will show you how to build a solid scope of work using Fixters Project Management software, manage change orders and track your progress like a pro with robust reporting.


Prepare and Sell Your Property and Analyze Your Results

Should you hire a realtor to sell your property? Should you stage and sell the property yourself? In this course, we cover several approaches to make the best decision possible for your situation and business goals. All with the end result of “Purchased, Remodeled and Sold”! Then, we will explain how to review your performance reports, important details to track and how to continuously improve.


Our live education academy is very robust, complete and effective. To that end, we want you to have every advantage in building, running and profiting from your new real estate and house flipping venture.

To enhance the live program, we have created for you 30 bonus guides, materials and contracts that keep you in moving forward. In addition, anytime we update these pieces, you will get the newest version so you are always up to date.

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During the Education Academy, you will have questions about a multitude of topics. Working one to one with an expert coach will be the key to maximizing your results.

Your Coach will have a deep understanding of your present circumstance and your desires for the future. You can contact your coach during the acadmey through direct phone and email access.

If you desire addtional coaching after your academy course, you can choose your coach and they level of coaching you need, if any month to month.

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Every house flipper and real estate investor needs leads to grow their business. When you join the Fixters Education Academy, you will have immediate access to the best lead product on the market. Your coach will teach you how to properly utilize the information in the leads to get closed deals to make money.

Only one Fixters member will have exclusive access to each lead creating zip code. If you are first to sign up, and you choose to keep receiving leads, you will be the only Fixters member getting gold leads within 10 seconds after a user volunteers their information.

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Using the right tools for the job is key to any project. Fixters Real Estate Investing Software takes the guess work out of flipping houses. You can easily create accurate and detailed pre-purchase evaluations in minutes and build powerful scopes of work with pricing down to the zip code.

Don’t use ineffective and hard to update spreadsheets. Let Fixters Dynamic Software do the number crunching for you and you get it free for 60 days for joining the Fixters Education Academy.

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  • Setting up your business entity
  • Business Plan template
  • Personal financial template
  • Creating operating systems
  • Fixters glossary of terms
  • improving chances of success
  • Creating SMART goals template
  • Funding your project
  • Personal development plan
  • Evaluating property basis
  • Realtor solution program template
  • Effective property search
  • How to calculate loan interest
  • Guide to choodsing a GC
  • Guide to buying your first property
  • Property source guide
  • contractor agreement template
  • Sellers transition flex plan template
  • Full & final lien release template
  • Selling your property
  • Creating your scope of work
  • How to stay on schedule
  • Decoding performance reports
  • Scaling your business
  • Monitoring your project & paying Bills
  • Understanding KPI’s & warning signs