Need a loan or financing to start or complete your project? Well, choosing the right real estate financing option is key to success. Fixters Capital has proven financing programs that help you get money for your project. We have options for nearly every ambitious house flipper.

Option 1

Fix & Flip Loans

Fixters Capital works with trusted lenders to quickly get you the funding you need. Complete a simple, 1-minute online application and get a quick pre-approval with several rate quotes. Fixters Capital Consultants are here to help you realize your dream of flipping houses.

This option is great for:

Financing your house flip property and project

Real estate investment loans for rentals or refinancing

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Option 2

Fix & Flip Supplemental Funding

Unlike other lenders, our express funding solutions are simple to apply for and get you the funds you need in just a short amount of time. With options for unsecured credit lines up to $250K at 0% APR for 9 to 15 months, you can start financing your flip in less than 3 weeks (on average). Fixters Capital Consultants are standing by to help!

This option is great for...

A quick down payment on a fix and flip property

A small bridge loan to finish a current real estate project


Does your credit score need some help?
Our most successful students start flipping with a credit score of 630+

Ensure your credit history is up-to-date, accurate, and reflects you honestly. Don’t let negative credit marks ruin your chances of obtaining favorable loans. We provide a cost effective and proven solution to improve your credit score quickly!

Fixters can help you fix your credit while you learn the Fixters Complete House Flipping System!

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Fixters does not offer personal or investment loans. Fixters Capital is a Lender Connecting Platform and not involved in negotiating loan terms. Any information found on this site should not be construed as such. All loans are subject to lender approval. Loan rates may vary and Fixters does not guarantee that you will be offered a loan nor do we guarantee loan rates or loan terms. We recommend that you consult an attorney, accountant or financial advisor that can help you assess the risks associated with any loan offered.

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