Stop creating ineffective, hard-to-update spreadsheets and let us do the number-crunching for you.

Easily create accurate and detailed pre-purchase property evaluations in minutes

Build powerful and detailed scopes of work with remodel pricing down to your zip code

Automatically determine loan costs, interest expenses and estimated monthly payments

Manage your project schedule and contractor payments from our intuitive dashboard

Create professional user-friendly reports to share with investors and lenders

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Evaluate a Property:

Property Evaluation Software w/ Accupricing gives you the power to analyze an unlimited number of properties to quickly calculate remodel costs and other expenses with clear-cut accuracy down to the zip code. Easily determine if the property has a solid After Repair Value (ARV) for a smart fix & flip investment and apply for a loan all in one simple interface. Watch the video to see how easy Fixters Evaluate is to use.

Scope of Work Builder:

After analyzing a potential property with our Property Evaluation Software with Accupricing, you have decided to purchase the property, now what? Scope of Work Builder packages precise work tasks for contractors, creates room by room material and labor costs, and builds your projects budget. Stay on budget and organized with a detailed scope of work on every deal.

Project Tracker

With Project Tracker, time is money! Don’t let costly delays drain your budget. This dynamic software tool tracks, monitors and reports any work tasks that has been completed, payments made to contractors and most importantly making sure the project is on time. In addition, easily create and track change orders to ensure your project stays on budget.

Robust Reporting:

Generate robust and useful reports and analyze results for each project from beginning to end. Review your return on investment, days on market, days under construction and much more. Use this outstanding benchmarking tool to show expertise with investors and lenders and expand your knowledge for your next fix and flip investment.

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